P Vasudevan is the new executive director of Reserve Bank of India

P Vasudevan In the new appointment of the Reserve Bank of India, P Vasudevan had been appointed as director of the Reserve Bank of India. where his appointment will be effective from July 03, 2023.

P Vasudevan ( Who is he)

In the present capacity, P Vasudevan had been heading the payment and settlement system of RBI, which involves regulating, supervising, facilitating innovation and playing a catalytic role in the payments space, encompassing many bank and non-bank payment system operators; and includes handling fintech-related activities in RBI. In past, he had led and successfully completed many large payment system projects in RBI. A person with 28 years of experience, he holds extensive experience in the banking and non-banking supervision space and had handled technology audits of large institutions as part of this role, including the RBI on the CPMI, the SAARC Payments Council and the SEACEN Payments Group.

P Vasudevan ( video)

Who is the longest-serving governor of RBI?

Sir Benegal Rama Rau is the longest-serving governor of the RBI

Who is the governor of RBI at present?

Shaktikanta Das is the governor of RBI at present