Aura Kannada Movie Review

Aura Kannada Movie Review How mother nature assist you in your endeavour and Propel a love story within you, Director Ashwin Vijayamurthy who had written the same, with the cast of AR Rohit, Deepika Arydhya with Anand Ninasm for the Sujatha Chadaga and Chandrashekhar C Jumbigi

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Aura Kannada Movie cast

Release Date28 July 2023
Run Time / Duration2h 9m
CastAR Rohit
Deepika Aradhya
Anand Ninasm
Sathya Raj
Sonia Krishnamurthy
Madhu Mathi
DirectorAshwin Vijayamurthy
WriterAshwin Vijayamurthy
CinematographyShri Hari
MusicGirish Hothur
ProducerSujatha Chadaga
ProductionSujatha Chadaga and
Chandrashekhar C Jumbigi

With the cast of AR Rohit, Deepika Arydhya with Anand Ninasm etc with the direction of Ashwin Vijayamurthy with the producer of Sujatha Chadaga with the production of Sujatha Chadaga and Chandrashekhar C Jumbigi with the music of Girish Hothur

Aura Kannada Movie plot

It explores the life of innocent life of Aura who becomes dreadful from a simple individual through the God play, through the journey of the forest, leading to the tale of conflict and redemption. it leads us the question how powerful is human redemption and how divine intervention came into play with the complexities of human desires 

Aura Kannada Movie Review

It is a through provoking series with the audience of divine clashes with human desire and how the human fight with his destiny where the movie weaves 2 parallel narratives with an exploration of innocence, greed, and the importance of preserving nature. with mesmerizing cinematography leaving an impact on the viewer.

When is Aura releasing?

The Aura was released in theatres on 28 Jul 2023.

Who directed Aura?

The Aura was directed by Ashwin Vijayamurthy