Dinosaurs Tamil Movie Review ( North Cinema is going to burn with Ganester Mannu)

Dinosaurs Tamil Movie Review  He is back on screen with an ambition of crime and revenge for his friends in Nort Cinema streets Director Madhavan Ramasamy wrote the same portraying a life of a man who was simple in past but is now not more. but why. To find out, see the movie Dinosaurs starring Udhay Karthik, Sai Priya Deva, Rishi Rithvik, Maara Jothi, Ramana Chandrasekar

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Dinosaurs Tamil Movie cast

Release Date28 July 2023
GenreAction, Drama, Thriller
Run Time / Duration2h 30m
CastUdhay Karthik, Sai Priya Deva, Rishi Rithvik, Maara Jothi, Ramana Chandrasekar
DirectorMadhavan Ramasamy
WriterMadhavan Ramasamy
CinematographyJones V Anand
MusicBobo Shashi
ProducerSrinivas Sambandam
ProductionGalaxy Pictures

Starring  Udhay Karthik as Mannu, Sai Priya Devi as Deepa, Rishi Rithvik as Dhana, Maara Jothi as Durai, and Ramana Chandrasekar as Arumugam with the director Madhavan Ramasamy with the cinematography of Jones V Anand which captures the chaos of North Chennai, releasing on 28th July 2023. The film delves deep into the complexities of loyalty, sacrifice, and the price one pays for choices in their life and relationship

Dinosaurs Tamil Movie plot

It revolves around the life of Mannu who is an unintentional gangster who due to his friend Dhana joining the Durai’s crime making him caught in the web of rival gangs rivalry and a web of violence which made a carefree person into a dreadful criminal of north India,  seeking justice and answers from the world with violence and crime

Dinosaurs Tamil Movie Review 

With the unique narrative and impressive performances, it got a fresh feel of gangster drama as it is a bro romance of 2 individuals with a lasting impression in the cinema hall. It delves into the theme of ambition and crime-fighting with dialogue which is crisp, impactful, and resonates with authenticity, where Bobo Shashi’s score in the background adds a human feel to it. The cast, including Sai Priya Devi and Ramana Chandrasekar, further enhances the film with their skilled craftmanship of emotion and real-life struggles of people where they had only 1 choice to fight.

Who is the cast of the movie Dinosaurs Tamil Movie?

The cast of the movie Dinosaurs Tamil Movie is Udhay Karthik, Sai Priya Deva, Rishi Rithvik, Maara Jothi, Ramana Chandrasekar

When is the movie Dinosaurs going to realase?

The movie Dinosaurs going to realase on 28th July 2023