Stiker Tamil Movie Teaser (What is reality)

Stiker Tamil Movie Teaser Starring Vidya Pradeep and Kasthuri Shankar is a psychological horror directed by SA Prabhu going to release on 25th September 2023 under the banner of ASW Creations & JSJ Cinemas with the producer of Henry David IR and editor of Nagooram

Stiker Tamil Movie Trailer

Stiker Tamil Movie cast

Movie Stiker
DirectorSA Prabhu
ProducerHenry David IR
GenreThriller Drama
StarringJustin, Vidya Pradeep, Kasthuri Shankar
MusicVijay Siddharth
CinematographerManish Murthy
Production CompanyASW Creations, JSJ Cinemas
Release Date2022

Stiker Tamil Movie stars ustin, Vidya Pradeep, Kasthuri Shankar in crucial roles. The film is produced by Henry David IR under the banner ASW Creations and JSJ Cinemas and the music is composed by  Vijay Siddharth with the cinematography by Manish Murthy 

Stiker Tamil Movie premise

Played by debutant SA Prabhu His character name is Siddu he has a psychological disorder where he always gets nightmare and can’t differentiate between reality and dream which lead to multiple situations in his life. But things start getting darker as his friends get murdered and he gets involved in it.

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To view Stiker Tamil Movie Go to your nearest theatre and book your ticket to view it,

What is the realase date of the Tamil Movie Stiker Tamil Movie?

Stiker Tamil Movie is released on 8th September 2023

What is the cast of Tamil Movie Stiker Tamil Movie?

The cast of Tamil Movie Stiker Tamil Movie is Vidya Pradeep, and Kasthuri Shankar in crucial roles