Union Health Ministry in  Pharma-MedTech sector (PRIP) scheme  to boost research and innovation

Pharma-MedTech sector (PRIP) The Union Ministry introduced the scheme named Pharma-MedTech sector (PRIP) with the aim of increasing research and innovation in the pharmaceutical and medtech sectors. For this scheme, the central government invested ₹700 crore for seven Centres of Excellence at various National Institutes of Pharmaceutical, Education & Research (NIPER).

Pharma-MedTech sector (PRIP) explained

The Pharma-MedTech sector (PRIP) consists of two key components aimed at fostering innovation and growth in the pharmaceutical industry, with a particular focus on encouraging private sector participation. These components are as follows:

  1. Dedicated Funding for the National Institutes of Pharmaceutical Education & Research (NIPERs): Under this initiative, there will be a dedicated financial allocation of Rs. 125 crores over a span of five years. This funding is intended to support the National Institutes of Pharmaceutical Education & Research (NIPERs), which play a crucial role in nurturing talent and research in the pharmaceutical field. The goal is to enhance the capabilities of these institutes to address the pressing challenges faced by the pharmaceutical industry in the country.
  2. Aid of Rs. 100 Crores to 30 Research Projects on High-Potential Products: Another significant aspect of PRIP is the allocation of Rs. 100 crores to fund 30 research projects that focus on the development of high-potential pharmaceutical products. This financial support is directed towards projects that demonstrate promising prospects for innovation and commercial viability. It aims to stimulate research and development efforts in the pharmaceutical sector.

Pharma-MedTech sector (PRIP) Component

The six focus areas of the Pharma-MedTech sector (PRIP) scheme are: 

  • new chemical entities, including biological and phytopharmaceuticals;
  • complex generics and biosimilars;
  • precision medicines such as gene therapy and stem cells;
  • medical devices using artificial intelligence and machine learning;
  • orphan drugs;
  • anti-microbial resistance;

Pharma-MedTech sector (PRIP)

Who is implementing the Pharma-MedTech sector (PRIP)?

An Empowered Committee under the chairmanship of CEO, NITI Aayog, with the secretary-level representation of Pharmaceuticals, Health, ICMR, DBT, CSIR, AYUSH and DST, implementing the Pharma-MedTech sector (PRIP)