Prime Minister Cabinet approves 7 rail projects worth ₹32,500 crore to boost connectivity

Prime Minister Cabinet The Union Cabinet, led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi approved the 7 rail projects worth ₹32,500 crore to boost connectivity, adopting the Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC) model. For this project, 35 districts in states including Andhra Pradesh, Bihar, Gujarat, Jharkhand, Maharashtra, Odisha, Telangana, Uttar Pradesh, and West Bengal have been selected. The purpose of the approval of this project is to  Multi-tracking will ease operations and reduce congestion, providing the much-required infrastructural development on the busiest sections across Indian Railways.

Prime Minister Cabinet approves 7 rail projects

Union Minister in their briefing told that they are going to extend by 2,339 kilometres expanding the existing rail network of  35 districts in states with the purpose of augmenting freight capacity of  200 million tonnes of additional freight traffic annually. It will provide employment of 7.06 crore man-days to the people of the states., where it will include doubling of the existing line on the Gorakhpur-Cantt-Valmiki Nagar line; multi-tracking on the Son Nagar-Andal project; creation of a third line on the Nergundi-Barang and Khurda Road-Vizianagaram line; doubling on the Mudkhed-Medchal and Mahbubnagar-Dhone line; doubling on the Guntur-Bibinagar and Chopan-Chunar lines; and quadrupling on the Samakhiali-Gandhidham line.

Gorakhpur-Cantt-Valmiki Nagar DoublingEnhancing connectivity for a critical transportation route.
Son Nagar-Andal Multi TrackingBoosting efficiency through multi-tracking technology.
Nergundi-Barang Third LineAddressing congestion and enhancing operational flow.
Khurda Road-Vizianagaram Third LineExpanding capacity for smoother transportation.
Mudkhed-Medchal and Mahbubnagar-Dhone DoublingUnlocking the potential for increased freight movement.
Guntur-Bibinagar DoublingStrengthening transportation infrastructure for varied commodities.
Chopan-Chunar DoublingStreamlining transportation for diverse goods.
Samakhiali-Gandhidham QuadruplingEnhancing capacity and efficiency for transportation of goods.

These projects are aimed at improving various aspects of transportation, including connectivity, efficiency, capacity, and congestion, in their respective regions.

Prime Minister Cabinet approves 7 rail projects

What is the new project of Indian Railways?

Indian Railways is currently converting its entire network to a 1,676 mm (5 ft 6 in) broad gauge in order to improve viability and efficiency.

Which train has the highest speed in India?

The Gatimaan Express has the highest speed in India