World governing body FIFA has lifted the ban on the Sri Lanka Football Federation (FFSL)

Sri Lanka Football Federation (FFSL) FIFA had lifted the ban over Sri Lanka Football Federation which was imposed in  January 2023 due to government interference in the federation’s affairs. After the life of the ban, FFSL  members, clubs, and teams are now free to participate in various international football competitions, where players and teams to once again compete on the global platform. This ban on the FFSL by FIFA marks a fresh start for football in Sri Lanka, with the opportunity to participate in international competitions and the prospect of new leadership through upcoming elections.

FIFA has lifted the ban on Sri Lanka Football Federation (FFSL)

World governing body FIFA lifted the imposed ban in January 2023 due to government interference in the federation’s affairs on the Sri Lanka Football Federation ( FFSL). In the letter shared, the FIFA  secretary General clarified FIFA bureau on 27th August lifted the suspension of the FFSL with immediate effect”.  after  FFSL has also agreed to hold fresh elections for its executive committee. After the suspension, the country’s national team can resume international competition and the FFSL will be able to resume its development programs for the development of football in Sri Lanka. As per national news, Sri Lanka’s Sports Ministry had recently issued a Gazette stating that office bearers would be elected for a four-year term, where the appointment to fill the positions of General Secretary/CEO will soon be elected.

Sri Lanka Football Federation (FFSL)

On whom the FIFA lift the ban?

 FIFA has lifted the ban on the Sri Lanka Football Federation (FFSL)