Nari Adalats: Women-centric court delivering the woman justice

Nari Adalats: Under the alternate Dispute Resolution (ADR), centres are implementing an alternate dispute resolution forum for issues like domestic violence, property rights and countering the patriarchal system.

Nari Adalats: Why it is significant?

Serving as an alternative judicial system, ADR had placed women-only courts established at the village level which provide the forums for issues of domestic violence, property rights, and challenging the patriarchal system, thus empowering women and promoting gender justice. Within the system, it will provide a neutral third party assists the parties involved in communication and reaching a mutually satisfactory resolution, where they will cover various types of matters, including civil, commercial, industrial, and family disputes

Nari Adalats: Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) is a way to resolve conflicts or disagreements between people without going to court. It’s a process where parties involved in a dispute work together to find a solution that both sides agree on, with the help of a neutral third party.ADR can be used for all kinds of issues, such as problems between individuals, businesses, or even within families. It’s helpful when people can’t or don’t want to negotiate directly with each other to reach a settlement.

In ADR, there are different methods available:

  1. Arbitration: Parties present their case to a neutral person or panel who listens to both sides and makes a final decision that both parties must follow.
  2. Conciliation: An impartial person assists the parties in finding a resolution, but the outcome is not legally binding. It’s more about helping them reach a mutually agreed settlement.
  3. Mediation: An unbiased mediator helps the parties communicate and find a solution that works for everyone. The mediator doesn’t decide the outcome but facilitates the process.
  4. Negotiation: Parties directly discuss their issues and try to come to a mutually acceptable agreement without involving anyone else.
  5. Lok Adalat: This is a voluntary agency where parties have a discussion and reach a solution based on their consent, without the intervention of a formal court system.

Overall, ADR provides an alternative to going to court and allows people to resolve their conflicts in a more cooperative and amicable way. It’s a flexible and less formal process that can be used in various manner

Type of ADRDescription
ArbitrationDisputes are submitted to an arbitral tribunal that makes a binding decision.
ConciliationA non-binding procedure where an impartial conciliator assists in settlement.
MediationAn impartial mediator facilitates communication for a mutually acceptable resolution.
NegotiationParties engage in direct discussions without third-party intervention.
Lok AdalatVoluntary agencies provide party-based justice through discussion and mutual consent.

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What is the concept of Nari Adalat?

Nari Adalat, also known as Women’s Court, is a forum primarily focused on reconciliation, grievance redressal, and creating awareness of rights and entitlements for women. While it does not hold any legal status in the formal sense, it serves as an informal platform where women can seek support, guidance, and resolution for their issues.

What is the purpose of women’s courts?

The purpose of Women’s Courts, also known as Nari Adalats or Mahila Courts, is to address the specific needs and concerns of women in the legal system. These courts serve as specialized forums that aim to promote gender justice, provide a safe space for women, and ensure their access to justice