Sanjiv Puri has again become the CEO of the ITC board

Sanjiv Puri ITC confirmed the reappointment of the CEO Sanjiv Puri in a recent news article where he will be managing director of the company for a duration of five years, commencing from 22 July, 2024

Sanjiv Puri – CEO of the ITC board

ITC Limited an eminent Indian conglomerate, has reappoints Sanjiv Puri as chairman & managing director as per the recommendation of the committee. He will assume the positon of CEO on July 22, 2024. Joining the ITC in January 1986 he has demonstrated exceptional leadership across various roles within the organization. He was appointed as the Chief Executive Officer in February 2017 and later re-designated as the Managing Director in May 2018. Puri took on the role of Chairman of the tobacco-to-hotels conglomerate on May 13, 2019.

Who is the present CEO of ITC?

Sanjiv Puri (61) is the Chairman & Managing Director of ITC Limited

What is the salary of Sanjeev Puri ITC?

Chairman and Managing Director Sanjiv Puri got a salary hike of  Rs 16.31 crore in the financial year 2023. The salary component comprises performance and long-term incentives of a whooping Rs 12.8 crore