NITI Aayog release of the third edition of the Export Preparedness Index (EPI)

Export Preparedness Index (EPI) NITI Aayog is realised in the 3rd edition of the Export Preparedness Index ( EPI) with the aim of assessing and improving the export performance of Indian states and UTs.

Why it is important?

Export Preparedness Index ( EPI) is a comprehensive tool to measure the export preparedness of Indian states and UTs, where at present, emphasizes the importance of developing districts as export hubs and conducts a district-level analysis of merchandise exports in the country. The methododology is based on stakeholder feedback, where EPI aims to provide insights that drive policy changes to address specific challenges faced by states and UTs

Export Preparedness Index (EPI)

Who published export preparedness index?

NITI Aayog, in partnership with the Institute of Competitiveness published export preparedness index

What are the parameters of export preparedness index?

The EPI parameters are as follows:-
Pillar 1: Policy Pillar
Pillar 2: Business Ecosystem
Pillar 3: Export Ecosystem
Pillar 4: Export Performance