Wildlife Crime Control Bureau( Wildlife Crime Control Bureau is on the run to save 2054 cases of illegal trafficking and wild animals)

Wildlife Crime Control Bureau Wildlife Crime Control Bureau ( WCCB) issued the Red Alert after reporting 2054 cases of illegal trafficking and the wild animal got killed., directing the authorities to take precautionary measures to save them.

What are the measures of the Wildlife Crime Control Bureau?

Wildlife Crime Control Bureau had issued a species-specific enforcement operation that will be conducted with State Enforcement Agencies titled Operation Save Kurma, Operation Turtshield, Operation Lesknow, Operation Clean Art and Operation Softgold and Operation Birbill Operation Wildnet, Operation Freefly and Operation Wetmark, which was as follows:-

Operation Save KurmaFocus on poaching, transportation, and illegal trade of live turtles and tortoises.
Operation TurtshieldTackle the illegal trade of live turtles.
Operation LesknowTackle the illegal trade of Shahtoosh Shawls made from Chiru wool and spread awareness among weavers and traders involved in this trade.
Operation Clean ArtDraw attention to the illegal wildlife trade in Mongoose hair brushes.
Operation SoftgoldEnsure the prohibition of the sale of meat from wild animals in wet markets across the country.
Operation BirbilCurb illegal trade in wild cat and wild bird species.
Operation WildnetDraw attention to the increasing illegal wildlife trade over the internet using social media platforms.
Operation FreeflyCheck illegal trade of live birds.
Operation WetmarkEnsure the prohibition of the sale of meat of wild animals in wet markets across the country.

When was the Wildlife Crime Control Bureau?

WCCB is a statutory multi-disciplinary body established by the Government of India under the Ministry of Environment and Forests, to combat organized wildlife crime in the country. It has its headquarters in New Delhi.

Is Wildlife Crime Control Bureau on the state and centre list?

As per the 42nd Amendment Act, of 1976,  it is s in the concurrent list