Israel’s parliament limited the Supreme Court’s power

Israel’s parliament In the controversial move, the Israeli government limited the oversight powers of the Supreme Court.

Why it is controversial?

In the 1st reading, the Israeli government had adopted the controversial bills which limit the oversight powers of the judicial system of the country, with a 64 to 56 majority, passed by  Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s far-right governing coalition. It is controversial as its main aim is to limit the Supreme Court’s power to void the decisions made by the government, ministries and elected officials by ruling them unreasonably, which can lead to corruption and abuse of power.

Israeli had limited the judiciary

What is the Israeli parliament called?

the Israeli Parliament called The Knesset (Hebrew: הַכְּנֶסֶת [haˈkneset] ( listen); lit. “gathering” or “assembly”)

Where is the Parliament of Israel?

The new Knesset building in Jerusalem was dedicated on August 30, 1966,