Lisa become the India 1st regional AI news anchor

Lisa In a significant development, Odisha TV, an Odia-based news station, had appointed “Lisa,” India’s first regional AI news anchor.

Lisa- AI News Anchor

In the recent appointment, Lisa had been chosen to be the 1st regional AI news anchor for Odissa TV. In a video shared by OTV on Twitter, she introduces herself, while expressing excitement for her appointment. The news media had confirmed that she will soon be seen as hosting news updates in the language including Odia, English, and others.

Top 10 Advanced Humanoid Robots that are Breaking New Ground

SophiaUnited StatesHanson RoboticsElderly care, crowd management
GraceUnited StatesHanson RoboticsSupport for elderly with degenerative brain disease
DesdemonaGermanyHanson RoboticsCreating spoken poetry in response to cultural references
NadineGermanyNanyang Technological Univ.Social interaction, emotion stimulation, answering questions
KimeSouth KoreaMacco RoboticsServing food and beverages
HanSouth KoreaHanson RoboticsAssisting in hotels, customer service positions
TalosUnited StatesPAL RoboticsIndustrial applications, heavy lifting
Gemenoid DKChinaHenrikmodeledHuman-robot interaction research
Robot ShaluIndiaDinesh Kunwar PatelEducational and multilingual humanoid robot
AtlasUnited StatesBoston DynamicsDangerous tasks, rescue and search missions

Lisa the AI anchor ( video)

Who is AI anchor Lisa?

Lisa is 1st regional AI news anchor for Odissa TV

Is AI anchor Lisa a robot?

Lisa is a AI powred anchor of Odissa TV