Gajah Kotha campaign was initiated by the Assam government with the purpose of tackling the human-elephant conflict (HEC)

Gajah Kotha Assam government had initiated the Gajah Kotha with the purpose to tackle human-animal in eastern Assam.

Gajah Kotha in details

Gajah Kotha with the prominent wildlife NGO based in Guwahati, in collaboration with the British Asian Trust and the Assam Forest Department, and with support from the Darwin Initiative, through the aim of educating residents about the behaviour, ecology, and cultural significance of elephants in the region, emphasizing the importance of conservation. Till this time, the campaign had launched at different venues Haladhibari, Jaborchuk Kathoni, Gazera, Gazera High School, Ujani Majuli Kherkatia High School, Pub Majuli Kherkatia High School, Jaborchuk Basa, and Jopanchuk in Majuli.

What is the Gajah Kotha?

Gajah Kotha is a state-sponsored programme aimed at reducing the human-elephant conflict (HEC)