Germany develops device for the visually impaired in sports of shooting

Germany develops devices In a significant development, with the help of modern technology, the German state developed a device for the visually impaired so that they can also compete in the sports of shooting. In this device, one part is off in the rifle and the other part is on the headphones placed on the ear. Praising it, the Para Shooting National Coach Akash Kumbhar said that this device will now help blind athletes participate in sports; while brightening up their sports careers. 

How this device works

This device assists visually impaired shooters in target sighting. In the game, there are ten targets arranged in a circle. When the shooter approaches the main circle, the device signals their proximity. The shooter must then rely on practice and estimation to aim. Blind shooters need to learn rifle handling, loading bullets, and rifle operation as part of their skill set.

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