Uttarakhand celebrated Anduri Utsav, popularly known as the Butter Festival at Uttarkashi district 

Anduri Utsav The Anduri Utsav, popularly known as Butter Festival celebrated the villager of Uttarkashi district where villagers played ‘Holi’ by applying milk and butter instead of Gulal on each other. In the local Uttarakhandi dialect, Bugyal means a meadow or pasture, where Dayara Bugyal, is situated at an altitude of 11,000 feet above sea level.

Butter Festival at Uttarkashi district

Organised by Uttarakhand Tourism Board Mr Rahul Chaubey (district Tourism Development Officer, Uttarkashi) held the butter festival, locally known as Anduri Utsav. This festival is celebrated to express gratitude to Lord Krishna, who is believed to have protected the cattle from evil forces while they were grazing in the bugyal. During the festival, local residents come together to dance on beats of Pahari musical instruments known as “Dhol-Damao.” Another joyful tradition involves people smearing butter and milk on each other’s faces, sharing laughter and happiness.

Anduri Utsav in India

Where is the butter festival celebrated?

Butter festival is celebrated on Raithal in Uttarkashi district every day.

Which harvest festival is celebrated in Uttarakhand?

Phool Dei Festival is a harvest festival celebrated in Uttarakhand