National Zoological Park commemorates World Snake Day 2023

World Snake Day 2023 On 16.07.2023, World Snake Day 2023 was celebrated by National Zoological Park to protect snakes by raising awareness about snakes in India.

National Zoological Park

National Zoological Park celebrates World Snake Day 2023 with the purpose of protecting snakes by raising awareness about snakes in India, snakes disbelieve and the importance of snakes in our ecosystem. During the meet-up, 350 visitors and small children were there. During the visit, visitor visits the zoo and learn about the role of zoon in same conservation, with literature on reptiles also distributed among visitors

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Which day is Delhi Zoo closed?

The zoo is open on all days, except Fridays and national holidays.

Is the Delhi Zoo ticket available offline?

No, the tickets to Delhi Zoo are available online only