Khelo India Women’s League was renamed as Asmita Women’s League

Khelo India Anurag Thakur, the Minister of Sports announced that from now on Khelo India Women’s League will be known As Asmita Women’s League for fostering women’s empowerment within the sports arena while advancing gender equality. The new named titled ASMITA stands for  “Achieving Sports Milestone by Inspiring Women Through Action”,

Achieving Sports Milestone by Inspiring Women Through Action-Khelo India Women

With the ceremony of rename, the Sports ministry launched the  Asmita Port a hub for information. This portal is launched with the aim of empowering schools, colleges, government bodies, and private organizations so that they can also host the Asmita Women’s League,  which will foster wider participation and contribution to India’s sporting excellence while increased opportunities, enhanced facilities, and the development of world-class sports infrastructure at both elite and grassroots levels. Regarding this,  Minister of Youth Affairs and Sports of India, Anurag Thakur released the statement  “ The ‘Asmita Portal’ serves as a comprehensive resource, offering valuable insights into upcoming leagues among other features. It will enable any school, college, government, or private organisation to host the ‘Asmita Women’s League’ and be part of Khelo India’s march towards sporting excellence.”

Khelo India Women

What is the old name of the Khelo India Games?

The old name of the Khelo India Games is  Khelo India School Games (KISG)

Where was the first game of the India start?

The first game of the India started in  Bhubaneshwar.