Nagarnar Steel Plant Makes History By Swifting Hot Rolled Coil ProductionJust In 9 Days

Nagarnar Steel Plant As a significant event of achievement, the Nagarnar Steel Plant made history in manufacture by rolling up its 1st Hot Rolled Coil in a mere 9 days in initiating hot metal production, making the major stepping into steel production.

Nagarnar Steel Plant Makes History

The Nagarnar Steel Plant, with a present capacity of 3 million tonnes per annum, constructed at an approximate cost of ₹24,000 crores had now joined the esteemed league of Indian steel manufacturers where they had successfully commissioned 3 crucial units in the hot zone – the Blast Furnace, Steel Melting Shop, and the Mills (Thin Slab Caster – Hot Strip Mill) in 9 days. One of the additional advantages they are close to the iron ore supply connected with the Bailadila mines, located just around 100 kilometres away which encompass the low carbon steel, HSLA & Dual Phase Steel, and API quality steel, where the first time in country, they had Hot Strip Mill with Thin Slab Caster installed in their PSU Steel Plant, specifically designed for the production of HR Coils.   which is equipped with the latest Wagon Tippling arrangement, designed to handle DFC Wagons in the future

Product of Nagarnar Steel Plant

Product LineupThickness RangeNoteworthy CapabilityApplications
Low Carbon Steel1mm to 16mmN/A– LPG cylinders – Bridges – Steel structures – Ships – Large-diameter pipes – Storage tanks – Boilers – Railway wagons – Pressure vessels
HSLA & Dual Phase Steel1mm to 16mmN/A– Tanks – Railway cars – Bicycle frames – Engineering and military equipment – Automobile & truck wheels – Frames – Body parts
API Quality Steel1mm to 16mmN/A– Used in the oil and gas industry for pipelines, drilling equipment, and other critical applications
Specialized Steel (Future)N/APlanned for the future– Generators – Motors – Transformers – Automobiles and other specialized applications

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Who had made history by shifting hot rolled coil production just In 9-Day?

Nagarnar Steel Plant made history by shifting hot rolled coil production just In 9-Day