Razorpay launches first international payment gateway in Malaysia

Razorpay Fintech firm Razorpay in partnership with Curlec  launched its first international Razorpay gateway in Malaysia

Razorplay in Malaysia- in NEWS

Leading fintech giant and leading Full-Stack Payments and Business Banking Platform, Razorpay had announced their 1st ever international Payment Gateway for the Malaysian market as it acquires Malaysian fintech start-up ‘Curlec‘ for $20 million, which has been rebranded as ‘Curlec by Razorpay‘, bridging the gap between local and international payment gateways, while also addressing the unique digital payment challenges prevalent in emerging markets. At present, Razorpay has established strong partnerships with more than 700 esteemed Malaysian businesses, including notable entities such as Tune Protect, CTOS, Courts, Mary Kay, and The National Kidney Foundation.

Razorpay In Malaysia


When did Razorpay start?

It started on 2014

Is Razorpay an international payment?

Razorpay allows businesses to accept payments from over 100 currencies and counting.