NISAR Satelite is getting observed by NASA-ISRO Earth Observing Satellite

NISAR Satelite In Bengaluru, India, 2 components of the NISAR satellite had been in observance by Indian ISRO and American NASA.

Why it is important?

NISAR – short for NASA-ISRO Synthetic Aperture Radar, is being jointly developed by NASA and the Indian Space Research Organisation, or ISRO,  with the purpose of the tracking movement of Earth’s land and ice surfaces. With the radar reflector antenna, the deployable boom, a high-rate communication subsystem for science data, GPS receivers, a solid-state recorder, and a payload data subsystem, this system is going to observe every part of our planet at least once every 12 days, the satellite will also help scientists understand, among other observables, the dynamics of forests, wetlands, and agricultural lands.

NISAR Satelite( video)

In which year NISAR, satellite will be launched?

NISAR, satellite  launched from Indian Soil in the first quarter of the year 2024

What is the NISAR, satellite used for?

The NASA-ISRO SAR (NISAR) Mission will measure Earth’s changing ecosystems, dynamic surfaces, and ice masses providing information about biomass, natural hazards, sea level rise, and groundwater, and will support a host of other applications.