Reliance Retail Launches ‘Yousta’ Fashion Stores 1st at outlet In Hyderabad

Yousta Recently Reliance Retails inaugurated the fashion stores at Hyderabad’s Sarath City Mall named ‘Yousta’ Fashion Stores, set to revolutionize the retail market by catering to the fashion needs of the youth segment 

Reliance Retail Launches Yousta

Reliance Retail launched the Yousta positioned as a youth-centric fashion retail catering for the present  trends and offers them at affordable prices for the young consumers. All products within the Yousta range are priced below Rs 999, and a majority of them are available for less than Rs 499. Reliance has incorporated various tech-touch points that enhance the shopping experience including  QR-enabled screens that facilitate information sharing, self-checkout counters for convenient transactions, and charging stations for customers’ electronic devices. The product can be accessed on  Ajio, an e-commerce platform, and JioMart, a digital grocery and lifestyle shopping platform.  For the purchase of Yousta, Reliance Retail Ventures Ltd( RBVL) had got investment from the Qatar Investment Authority (QIA), and acquired a 1 per cent stake in RRVL by investing Rs 8,278 crore ($1 billion). 

‘Yousta’ Fashion Stores

When was Reliance Trends launched in India?

Reliance Trends was launched in India in the year of 2007.

How many stores does Reliance Retail have?

Reliance Retail have 18,040 stores