101-year-old Rajindar Singh Dhatt was awarded a Points of the Light award at the UK-India Week reception at 10 Downing Street

Rajinder Singh Dhatt The primary force behind the “Undivided Indian Ex-Servicemen’s Association” named Rajinder Singh Dhatt has been honoured with the prestigious Points of Light award for his exceptional service and relentless efforts to bring together British Indian war veterans.

Who is the Rajindar Singh Dhatt

Born at the time of the India-Pak division he fought alongside the Allied forces during the British colonial period, where he was promoted to Havildar Major (Sergeant Major) in 1943. Following his service, He was deployed to the Far East campaign, specifically to the critical battle at Kohima in northeast India, where he played a pivotal role in supporting the Allied Forces and contributing to the breakthrough of Japanese defences.

What is the Undivided Indian Ex-Servicemen’s Association?

Undivided Indian Ex-Servicemen’s Association is a charitable organisation that works for war veteran charities, including the Royal British Legion and the Taxi Charity for Military Veterans, formed in 1963. With it, it provide homage to the Indian and British veterans who had done exceptional work for their unit or their nation’s army.

Who has been Honoured with the Points of Light Award 2023?

101-year-old Rajindar Singh Dhatt has been Honoured with the Points of Light Award 2023