Startup20 Communique 2023(India made the touch-bearer of Startup 20 to Brazil)

Startup20 Communique 2023 In the recent development, the Startup20 Engagement Group under the India G20 Presidency started by Gurugram was held on 3rd and 4th July 2023.

Startup20 Communique 2023 (What is in the news)

The 2-day summit serves as the platform for fostering innovation, collaboration, knowledge sharing and strategic alliances within the global startup ecosystem. During the ceremony, the Chairman of Startup 20 and Mission Director for Atal Innovation Mission ( AIM) Dr Chintan Vaishnav handed the touch to Brazil, who is going to the presidency of G20 for the year 2024. Translated from the Sanskrit language, the word Shikhar stands for mountain peak which symbolizes the pinnacle of the steps which are taken to shape the global startup ecosystem by GOI. At the summit, the highlight of the event was 1st ever Startup20 Communique 2023, which defines the framework for a start-up that had 5 components including legal entity type, age, size, scalability and innovation.

Startup20 Communique 2023( Official website)

Where was the Startup20 Communique held?

Startup20 Communique is held in Gurugram

To which country does India had bestowed the torch of Startup20 for 2024?

India handed over the torch of Startup 20 to Brazil