The Ministry of Culture and the Indian Navy collaborated with each other for Tankai Method

Tankai Method Recently MOC (Ministry of Culture) and the Indian Navy signed a MOU for the revival of the ancient stitched shipbuilding method, commonly referred to as the Tankai method.

Ministry of Culture and the Indian Navy Collaborated on the renovation

Ministry of Culture and the Indian Navy had come together for the MOU for the purpose of reviving and preserving the ancient 2000-year-old shipbuilding technique known as the ‘stitched shipbuilding method‘ or ‘Tankai method’. Signed on the date of July 18, 2023, under the presence of the Shri Govind Mohan, Secretary, Ministry of Culture; Smt. Uma Nanduri, Joint Secretary, Ministry of Culture; Smt. Priyanka Chandra, Director (AKAM), Ministry of Culture; Rear Admiral Shri K.S. Srinivas; and Commodore Shri Sujeet Bakshi, Commander Shri Sandeep Roy from the Indian Navy. Ministry of Culture had appointed the Indian Navy as custodians where they will oversee the implementation and execution of the entire project. 

What is the Tankai Method

Under this method, wooden planks are stitched together to build ship eschewing the use of nails improving flexibility and durability, reducing their vulnerability to damage from shoals and sandbars.

Tankai Method

Who collaborated with the Ministry of the Culture for renovation of the Tankai system?

The Ministry of Culture collaborated with Indian Navy collaborated for the renovation of the Tankai system.

What is the Tankai System?

The Tankai method is an ancient shipbuilding technique which includes stitching wooden planks together to build ships, using nails