Agnikul Cosmos begun intregration of  Agnibaan SOrTeD (Sub-Orbital Technological Demonstrator)

 Agnibaan SOrTeD (Sub-Orbital Technological Demonstrator) unveiled Chennai-based Agnikul Cosmos had integrated the process of Agnibaan SOrTeD (Sub-Orbital Technological Demonstrator), with its private launchpad situated at the Satish Dhawan Space Centre in Sriharikota, marking as a pivotal milestone in Agnikul Cosmos’s pursuit of space innovation. The Agnilet engine is an entirely 3D-printed, single-piece, 6 kN semi-cryogenic engine, marking a new integration against a conventional rocket engine of India, where, unlike traditional sounding rockets that launch from guide rails, Agnibaan SOrTeD will lift off vertically and follow a predetermined trajectory while performing a precisely orchestrated set of manoeuvres during flight.

Agnibaan SOrTeD (Sub-Orbital Technological Demonstrator)

Company NameGniKul Cosmos
HeadquartersNational Center for Combustion R&D, IIT Madras, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
Key PeopleSrinath Ravichandran (CEO), Moin SPM (COO)
ProductsLaunch vehicles, Satellite propulsion systems
ServicesCommercial launches, Satellite systems

Established in the year 2007 by Ravichandran, Moin SPM, and Prof. SR Chakravarthy, hailing from IIT Madras., Agnibaan SOrTeD (Sub-Orbital Technological Demonstrator) whose headquartered at the  National Center for Combustion R&D of IIT Madras in Chennai. This start-up integrated will mark the official unveiling of the Agnibaan SOrTeD launch vehicle at Agnikul’s Mission Control Center (AMCC) with officials from SDSC, Sriharikota, and the Indian National Space Promotion and Authorization Center (IN-SPACe).

Agnibaan SOrTeD (Sub-Orbital Technological Demonstrator) unveiled

In which city did Agnikul Cosmos open?

Agnikul Cosmos opened India’s first rocket engine factory in Chennai

Who is the founder of AgniKul?

 Srinath Ravichandran, Co-founder and CEO of AgniKul is the founder of AgniKul