France imposed a Ban on Disposable Vapes

Ban on Disposable Vapes The French government had laid a ban on disposable electronic cigarettes, commonly referred to as “puffs. in a bid to combat smoking and its associated health risks. The puff that is imposed is flavoured with options like ice candy and bubblegum. An existing ban is on the sale of these devices to those under 18 and their promotion or advertisement 

Ban on Disposable Vapes in France

The French government had imposed a ban on disposable vapes against the increasing number of smoking-related deaths, which includes 75,000 deaths annually in the country. Recently, the  French government had finalised the budget for including the initiative to reduce smoking. In France, most disposable e-cigarettes, typically priced between 8 and 12 euros ($8 and $13) in France, come in sweet and fruity flavours including pink lemonade, marshmallow, and bubblegum. France isn’t the first country to ban e-cigarettes or disposable vapes as it is illegal in India while Australia only allows the use of vapes for prescription.

Who had imposed the ban on disposable Vapes?

France government had imposed a ban on disposable Vapes