Tata Autocomp has signed an MoU with the Skoda Group, for components for Indian Railways, metros and buses

Tata AutoComp Tata AutoComp had collaborated with metros and buses’ components with a Czech company which will future portfolio of Tata Autocomp while strengthening the company’s capability in railway, metro and bus segments.

Tata Autocomp

TATA AutoComp Systems Limited (TATA AutoComp), is a leading auto-component conglomerate, provides products and services to Indian and Global automotive OEMs as well as Tier 1 supplies where their present portfolio is Automotive Interior and exterior Plastics components and aggregates, parts made from Sheet Moulded Composites, BIW; structural parts; aggregates and containers made from Sheet Metal, Engine cooling solutions, Automotive batteries, Rear view mirrors, Park Brake Levers, Gear Shifters, HVAC, Exhaust and emission control systems, Seating systems, Battery Pack, Battery Thermal Management System, Battery Management System, Motors, Controllers, Integrated Drivetrain (Integrated Motor, Inverter and Reducer), EV Chargers and Electronic solutions and Suspensions for heavy commercial vehicles Speaking to the media the  Chairman, Tata AutoComp said “Tata utoComp has always been a pioneer in introducing cutting-edge technology to its customers. This association with Škoda Group will further strengthen our presence by bringing the latest electrical equipment and components for the Indian Railway, Metro and bus market. We take pride in our partnership with Škoda Group, a company steadfastly dedicated to serving global markets with its diverse range of Railway Components”. Based on collaboration, TATA is going to future meet the requirements including better components of reliability, safety, efficiency, low energy consumption, robustness, low lifecycle costs and maximum environmental friendliness by leveraging TATA AutoComp’s profound expertise within the Indian Railway Market and its notable contributions to the ‘Vande Bharat’ train project

Which Indian company signed an MoU with Skoda Group for a joint venture to produce components for Indian Railways and public mobility?

Tata Autocomp is an Indian company that signed an MoU with Skoda Group for a joint venture to produce components for Indian Railways and public mobility