Mumbai become the costliest city for India for ex-pats

Mumbai In the published Mercer’s Cost of Living survey, Mumbai has been
identified as the most expensive city for expatriates in India. The survey analyzed 227 cities across five continents to determine the cost of living for ex-pats.

Mumbai-An expensive state

In the 2023 survey, Mumbai had got 147 positions while Delhi at 169, Chennai at 184, Bengaluru at 189, Hyderabad at 202, Kolkata at 211, and Pune
at 213. The expensive cities for expats are Hong Kong, Singapore and Zurich are the most expensive places on the earth. The survey is based on each location, including housing, transportation, food, clothing, household goods, and entertainment. This data helps employers design fair and
effective compensation packages for international assignees in over 400 locations worldwide.

Mumbai’s Position in Asia and Global Ranking

Which city is the most expensive for expats in India?

Mumbai city is the most expensive for ex-pats in India

Why Mumbai is the most expensive city in India?

It is expensive as he had a high cost of housing, food, transportation, and entertainment.