Infosys Signs Tennis Legend Rafael Nadal As Ambassador For 3 Years

Rafael Nadal Recently, Infosys signed Rafael Nadal as an ambassador for 3 years as the face of brand ambassador and the face of Infosys’ Digital Innovation. Infosys Digital Innovation is an innovative match analysis tool infused with the power of artificial intelligence, providing the offer real-time insights to Nadal’s coaching team, enabling them to simultaneously track data from his live matches during his return to the tour. 

Rafael Nadal As Ambassador

Bengaluru-based tech giant Infosys signed tennis legend Rafael Nadal as its ambassador for a 3-year period. Over collaboration, Infosys launched the statement “This personalised tool will be available in real-time to Nadal’s coaching team to simultaneously track insight from his live matches, when he is back on tour, along with historical data from his earlier matches,” Rafael Nadal who is the hailing from Spain, had  14 victories at the revered French Open and an unmatched tally of 22 Grand Slam titles in the men’s singles category while holding prestigious world No. 1 ranking in singles, for 209 weeks.

Rafael Nadal As Ambassador

To whom, do the Infosys SignsAs Ambassador For 3 Years for Digital Innovation?

Infosys Signs Tennis Legend Rafael Nadal As Ambassador For 3 Years for Digital Innovation