On the Black Sea initiative, India supports United Nation

Black Sea Initiative In United Nations, India had shown their support Black Sea Initiative and called for swift resolution of it.

The Black Sea initiative explained

Starting in July 2022, it is the agreement between  Turkey, the UN and Russia to ensure that Ukraine had wheat grain that could leave its southern ports via the Bosphorus. The Joint Coordination Centre (JCC) ( hosted in Istanbul and includes representatives from Russia, Türkiye, Ukraine and the United Nations) was established to monitor the implementation of the Initiative, where the UN acts as the Secretariat for the Centre.

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India supports the Black Sea Initiative

India had hoped that there is an early resolution to resume the Black Sea grain deal after Russia suspended its participation. Earlier on Monday, Russia announced that it was quitting the arrangement that allowed Ukrainian food and fertiliser to be exported from three Black Sea ports to Istanbul. Ministry of External Affairs spokesperson said “We have supported the efforts of the UN Secretary-General in continuing this Black Sea Grain Initiative…and I know that on the 20th it was discontinued by the Russian side. We hope for an early resolution to the present impasse,”

United Nations, on the Black Sea Initiative 

When was the Black Sea Grain Initiative created?

In July 2022, the Black Sea Grain Initiative created

What is the black sea grain route?

The black sea grain route is from the ports of Chornomorsk, Odesa, and Pivdenniy to the rest of the world.